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A psedonymph is a male* playing a female character with the sole intention to seduce unsuspecting male suitors.

* usually played by smart adult males, who are clever enough to pass as women through general game interactions, writing and emots.
"Mistress Cat-A-Tail offers free tours of the realm to all new players. *Giggle, wink* For anyone interested, Happy Endings are always free," Dave writes in his forum signature. Dave is a psedonymph.

"Hi, my name is Aurora. I am a single, level 30, chaotic neutral witch with a pristine Fire Blade and a passion for n00b apprentices. Meet me at my Mansion (17, 24 Prime Plane, Centennial Quarter) for some drinks and foreplay." Mark says under his pseudonym, Aurora, to the new level one player on the gravel road with him. (Mark is an accomplished psedonymph, who scratches a notch in his fantasy, four-poster, wooden bed, for every male player he has cybersex with.
by CyAdora September 07, 2010