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A variation of dry hump used commonly by mormons in Provo, UT. Provo is a mecca for young members (18-30 years of age) of the mormon church which has many strict guidelines that include a vow of abstinence until marriage.

Mormons, like all other human beings, are born with an innate desire for sexual intercourse. As a result of the strict guidelines that prohibit premarital relations, incidents of the provo push (aka dry humping) are high.
Friend 1: "Dude, I hooked up with Ashley last night!"
Friend 2: "Did you guys do the push?"
Friend 1: "Oh yeah man, she started pushing before we started kissing!"

"Last night I macked with this girl and got blue balls. It was worth it because we did the provo push"
by E Matthew July 05, 2006
When a couple (usually Mormon, from Provo) have sex with clothes on "dry hump" like a dog with no inhabitions
Yeah, Bishop, last night we got a little carried away, you know, the "provo push"?
by Jerr Bear January 28, 2008
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