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Adjective meaning the best, master, godly, no substitute etc...
See Kryzto, SEQ, Slusher
Jeanelle: Who is Slusher anyway?
Kryzto: Slusher is Prostyle.

Kryzto: I just pwnd some noob who chose mids in cutthroat.
Slusher: Prostyle
by Tim Slusher April 27, 2006
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There's regular and then there's Prostyle. This is when you are the best of the best. You can't get any better. You have reached pure Greatness.
Clients want the best - so they never settle for anything less than Prostyle.
by Prostyle Consulting July 14, 2016
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To be good at something, like a pro, while still being an amatuer.
Originates from "Tony Hawk's Pro Skater"
1. Nice one man that was pro style
2. He is pro style at the drums
by tuce March 10, 2004
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