A prostiteen is a teenage girl who dresses scandalously, similar to a prostitute of an older age. They are certainly not as "affectionate" as an actual prostitute, but they dress very similarly.
Be careful not to stare at girls you see walking down the street. Most of the time, they turn out to be prostiteens, and you'll just feel dirty.
by Matty VB May 29, 2009
Top Definition
A young teenage girl who wears too much make up and slutty clothing
Look at that group of prostiteens
by Captain Ed October 18, 2004
An inappropriately dressed teenager, as is the style today. Combination of prostitute and teenager.
Can you believe her mother lets her dress like that? Or do you think she really is a hooker? The fashion industry is turning all these little girls into prostiteens.
by Jade5454 July 28, 2006
12-16 year old girls that dress like whores.
Sally used to be a good girl, now she is a total prostiteen!
by Dusean Manndick July 30, 2010
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