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means to give someone props, but with the cool refreshment provided by popsicles.

variations include:
Root Beer Propsicles: ehhh, kinda awsome
Raspberry Propsicles: near awsome
Cherry Propsicles: awsome
Orange Propsicles: very awsome
Grape Propsicles: Incredibly and Unequivocally, melt you face awsome.
"Wow, all of my favorite bands on the same set list, grap propsicles"

"Suffocation is on there though, i give the set list cherry propsicles"
by Triv6 May 25, 2009
a dildo, vibrator, or any other device intended for sexual arousal resembling the male phallus.
Jane: Isn't it sexually frustrating not having a boyfriend?
Betty: No way, Jane... I just romp it out with my propsicle.
by T-Money sez your mom's a bitch September 10, 2009