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When someone is SO noob, he's pro at being noob.
OMG! Jezus Christ you are a so pronoob!
by GNiels June 26, 2007
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Someone who is usually so high level in a video game, that you'd think they were pro.

They can at times seem to be pro, but they are not.
*High level makes some epic maneuvers in the helicopter then crashes it into a wall.*
Other players who were in the helicopter: Such a pronoob.
by Tyjuji March 10, 2012
Someone who seems to get worse and worse each time you play a videogame with them. Specifically people with lives or people who rarely play the game but suck at other games.
Prao: Wanna play MGO? Pro Noob: Sure but that game has a lot of glitchers! A Few Minutes Later...... "WHAT THE HELL DUDE? HE LAGSWITCHES!" "Tim he's from Australia.." "I DON'T GIVE A FUCK IM GONNA BAN HIM!" 'Damn pro noobs...'
by The-Prao October 25, 2010
A player of the Super Smash Bros. series that is very hard to KO, but usually accidentally Self Destructs (SD's) once within a match. Accidentally performing actions that prevent you from grabbing the edge of a stage to save yourself even though you are right there is called "Pro-Noobing." Someone who does this constantly is known as a Pro-Noob, but there is a difference between being KO'ed, Pro-Noobing, and actually SD'ing, and a player can Pro-Noob without actually being a Pro-Noob. The below actions are Pro-Noob moves.

1. Air-Guarding by accident that makes you pass the edge without grabbing it. Doing so to avoid an attack from an edge guarder is also considered Pro-Noobing.
2. Accidentally using a character's skill in the wrong direction that cause them to be SD'ed.
3. Being knocked towards the edge and accidentally using an attack that prevents recovering.
4. KO'ing yourself as well as your opponent with an item.
5. Attempting to attack someone over the edge of the stage and end up KO'ing yourself instead or as well.
WMX played Skitz a few times last night, and each time they played, WMX accidentally did something from keeping him grabbing the edge and saving himself, but still won each match. WMX is such a Pro-Noob.
by WarioMANX April 20, 2008

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