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A very very hot girl, or Internet porn.
ex1 dude that chick is prono!!

ex2 what are you downloading, prono?
by mikeybear September 26, 2006
330 180
A way of saying "porno" to get around word filters on many chat sites.
Tie: Dude, I am looking at * right now
Down: What did you say? You got censored.
Tie: *! PRONO!!
by Rokara January 30, 2011
34 27
the act of masturbating and puking while looking at GAY MALE PORN
malfunction stop doing the prono
by kuperaye August 02, 2004
94 87
stuff that heather was looking at while on a music trip in virginia beach. also see "adult desires."
heather! you and that prono has got to stop!
by Nicole May 27, 2003
59 68