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n.; portmanteau of "promoter poser"; one whose chief technique for attracting members of the opposite sex (or the same sex, for homosexuals) is to pretend to be nontrivially connected to the venue in which he/she is presently in; other popular pretends are owners, owners' relatives, managers, public relations, vice presidents, disc jokeys, and photographers; may be pronounced as either rhyming with "poser" or "loser"; c.p. promoter
John: ladies, I'm sorry to interrupt, but I just want to say how beautiful you are all looking and how honored we are to have you frequent our humble establishment
Allison: aw, you're so sweet. can I have your number so I can call you?
Arianna: don't bother, he's just a promoser, I saw him paying at the door

Owner: alright i dont want to see no fights tonight...
Security: yes sir
Owner: vomiting...
Security: yes sir
Owner: people sneaking into VIP, people not paying cover...
Security: yes sir
Owner: fat bitches, ugly bitches, bitches who have wrinkles on their faces...
Security: yes sir
Owner: hooking up on my dance floor, eating girls out on my bartop, bodily fluids on my couches...
Security: yes sir
Owner: ...or drunk people pissing in my drinks. but LEAST OF ALL, I don't want to see no promosers up in my joint
Security: yes sir, if we find we shall exterminate
by language_sentinel July 28, 2005
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