An empty commitment made by a corporation for marketing purposes. Unlike a warranty or a guarantee, a promise is unenforceable, giving customers zero recourse value. Because a promise takes power away from consumers, many corporations are switching from guarantees to promises. This allows them to make bolder statements without the risk of being held accountable.
Our Promise: every day low prices on farm fresh chickens fed on a diet of organic broccoli and tofu
by PawzUK1 November 30, 2013
Something that people make so that they can be broken. A promise is like a heart, if it's given out easily, it's broken easily. A promise is a word which is misconceived, it is meant to build trust between people when really it does the complete opposite. Promises should never be made for they are always broken.
He promised me he'd changed.
by ShannOU October 31, 2010
A "Promise" is an insult or a nickname for someone or something who has done something wrong / is the worst, an insult for everything. Not too rude, not too kind.

You can use the word "Promise" for anything, anyone, no matter what they have done, it is the best insult.
Dave: Hey man, did you like that twilight movie
Greg: Fuck you, Promise.

Dave: Sorry for stealing your girlfriend.
Greg: Fucking Promise.

Dave: Hey man, you no that Jim kid?
Greg: Yeah bro, he's a fucking promise hey.
by Promise123 November 19, 2010
It is a pinky-swear that one makes in one's heart, but often unravels.
Siera: I promise to not make fun of you if you tell me the truth.

Siera's Friend: Okay, the truth is that I've given blowjobs to over 100 guys.

Siera: Really?!? You are such a skank.

(Siera's Friend shakes head)
by Billy Bats October 16, 2013
An oath between people. Some promises are made some broken.
noun A declaration, one to do or not to do
verb To engage to do pledge
P1: "If I were ever a samurai and you needed me would you let me rescue you?"
P2: i.e. if you keep your promise to a friend, I'm calling in a favor. I need your arse to come get me right now. Everything is a mess and my mind has escaped me since seeing you again. The weight of a million stones is crushing my insides without you. That is the truest statement I can ever make to you man. ilu You ARE the only person who can save me from myself.
by Meye<3Blngs2U December 12, 2009
A line of crap someone pulls out of their ass to make someone else feel better.
Boy: I promise i'll stop making fun of you.
Girl: Thanks

Two days later.

Boy: Wow! they don't make'em any dumber do they?
by nvrenufjeans January 02, 2010
something that people make to comfort another person.
is only kept in a 2 state radius other wise promise is canceled and no longer exists.
moving day promise
by Jill Collinson January 29, 2011

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