Describes food that seemed to taste okay at first then half-way through you realize it's horrible-tasting.
Guy 1: How's the creamy chicken flavor ramen, dude?
Guy 2: It was okay at first but turned out to be totally prok so I chucked the rest.
by Muzetta September 08, 2005
Top Definition
prok - Vulgar Slang

1. To engage in sexual intercourse.


1. An act of sexual intercourse.

Word History: Derived from the slang English word 'pork' (when used as a verb to refer to intercourse) when misspelled on Instant Messenger, was found to be more humorous than the term 'pork'. This eventually gave rise to the terms 'prokkins' and 'proktologist'.
1. I'm gonna prok her.
2. She's going to get prokked.
3. I'm gonna give her the prokkins.
by JWFokker March 25, 2004
mispelling on the word 'pork' often performed by nob jobs whilst in the act of tromboning
taste my prok sword baby!
by My June 11, 2003
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