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the science dealing with the structure of projects; project being something that is contemplated, devised, or planned
the structure of a project, a program, or of any of its parts
a book, website, or treatise on this subject

The structure of project; defining such structure by way of decomposition into the primitive element; the study of this structure, and the tools, techniques, processes and practices that contribute to successful project outcomes

Word Disambiguation Origin & History
projectomy = project + -tomy (from Greek -tomia; or more modern -tome)

Origin: project
1350–1400; (noun) Middle English project ( e ) design, plan < Medieval Latin prōjectum, Latin: projecting part, noun use of neuter of Latin prōjectus, past participle of prōicere to throw forward, extend, equivalent to prō- pro-1 + -icere, combining form of jacere to throw; (v.) late Middle English project ( e ) (past participle) extended, projected < Latin prōjectus

Origin: -tome
1510–20; < French < Latin tomus < Greek tómos slice, piece, roll of paper, book, akin to témnein (to cut)

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John went to the library to borrow some books on projectomy
David was planning to be a project manager after majoring in projectomy
Yourdon, Gane and Sarson were authors of books that laid the foundation of the discipline of projectomy
by Shoumo November 21, 2013
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