Project pata pistol packa skull craka
In the vip buying goose like a choppa
Green smoka purple cush blunt rolla
hick: hah project pattah

thekid: ice on my pinky, smokin on sticky
by chicity April 07, 2009
Top Definition
amazingly fun rapper from north memphis
ima introduce me, project pat, i keep it real. ima introduce you, you's a sucker fakin deals.
by loveyous January 21, 2004
the greatest rapper alive, currently incarcerated for some bullshit. funny as hell.
" Friday pay day so im at the shake junt, lookin for a big lick pheenin for a fat blunt, so my victim caught me one slippin on the side of the club takin a piss and no mask on face i aint really need it he can be a damn fool and he'll get heated, point blank snatch bank runnin like a track star, heart pumpin fast like i ate out the crack jar
by Memphis10 OG May 03, 2005
A rapper hailing from north memphis, TN who can flow his rhymes with any beat thrown his way. He has been round since the early-mid 90's and his brother Juicy-J is a co-founder of Tennesee's 1st equal-best rap group (along with 8 Ball & MJG) THREE 6 MAFIA !!!
He often rhymes by using a unique technique by adding an "ahh" sound at the end of a word and it sounds str8 killa
I know you sick of the sicker when you see the rims thicker
The paint dripper, the ice in my range glitter
I straight strip her, the cheese like pancake-ah
Rollin' for cheese like the leaves in my handbreak-ah
Project Pat ah tracting dime pieces-ah
Dirty South-Ah, french braid, gold teeth-ah
I'm out here making sense cause I'm out here making dollars
I keep a fast bro dawg and I pop collars

Three 6 Mafia feat. Project Pat "Poppin' My Collar"
by buttockgrabber October 30, 2007
One of the hardest rappers out there, keeping it real since the 90's. Great flow, bomb ass beats, and some of the realest/funniest lyrics you ever heard. Based in Memphis, Tennessee.
Project Pat: Out slanging brickas the project nigga row-a
A playa that's fa show-a I'm charging a hoe-a
You weak niggas know-a you step and I fire
Yo life will expire you need to retire
Yo bitch call me sire she flat like a tire
by Nathonas May 15, 2013
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