Metal that despite how good it can be, is often listened too and defended by pretentious people. Often "prog metal" as its known, is said to me metal for "intelligent people who have good taste". This is not to say that prog metal can not be good, it often is. However it is not always as heavy as other forms of metal, such as Thrash Metal or Heavy Metal.
"James is so pretentious sometimes, when I was listening to Master of Puppets earlier in the car he just kept going on about how much better progressive metal compared to thrash, then he started on about Dream Theater"

Lars in heavy Danish accent:
"Ya, he was trying to tell me about his quote "superior" intellect because he jerks off to *cough* I mean listens to to Opeth every night before bed"
by JamesLaBrie April 08, 2010
Metal music for people have a taste
Tool are "the" progressive metal band
by El_Hef October 25, 2003
Amazing genre of music which is much different from any other type of metal-seeing as it tells a story. Such bands include Queensryche and Symphony X
I am going to get bitch slapped for this, but DREAM THEATRE SUCKS
by Reesezizow July 08, 2005

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