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1. Any person (usually male) who would rather indulge themselves in self-gratification than do actual work,often causing delays in work-related efforts.

2. Wal-Mart management and management trainees.
1. "We will have to wait until the procrastubators in this office get done with themsleves before we can proceed with our latest scam."

2. Nick: " What are you waiting on? The customer needs this item NOW!"
Nack: "I'm waiting for the procrastubators in Management to give me the access key. Right now, they are in another meeting."
Nick: "ANOTHER meeting? Gawd damn, that makes the third one this hour."
by Dr. Freeze October 17, 2007
Somebody who gets sidetracked from work/homework so much so that they engage in masturbation.
Aaron H: Hey man, have you don't your work yet?
Steven H: Sorry, I was procrast-urbating last night? Can I do it for tomorrow?
Aaron H: Dude, you are such a procrast-ubator!
by Ethetic June 11, 2014

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