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or routinely expressed as Probst!

Is a word invented in the backseat of a dodge caravan while when trying to shotgun beers so that a bears preseason game would not have to be witnessed sober, a butchered beerfest quote of the word 'prost' has turned into one of the world's greatest words. As a result this term has been routinely quoted by the persons friends and acquaintances.

A similar term of exact spelling and unknown origin and meaning has also been floating around and rumored to be recently engraved on a flask. This term is to not
be trusted as only one authentic copy of 'probst' is known to exist.
Probst to me!
by itstruesandy March 13, 2011
1. Any form of poor, white trash.
2. People who are fat and lazy and think that they know how to fix cars.
3. Sellouts.
4. Pale boy who plays video games all day and never comes downstairs.
Wow, what a probst.
He bitched out. What a probst.
by ? ? ? ?? July 13, 2005

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