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When a girl looks so damn good, you can bone it before you have a bonner.
That girl in those soffee shorts is definitely probono material!
by bird April 21, 2005
13 51
Latin. Literally means "for the (public) good".

Today, somebody working pro bono is working free as a public service.
The lawyer worked pro-bono to prosecute the KKK member for lynching black social workers.
by mikm July 28, 2005
297 36
Work or do a job for free.
Do you charge? Or are you probono?
by Ian Archambeau February 08, 2005
63 15
Just life, being chill
We are very probono
by NickBurnsRedxXx September 13, 2008
11 20
A phrase used by Syndicate the most bm starcraft 2 player ever. Usually seen in his freestyle raps which he did on a daily basis due to his autism and anger management issues when he lost in a game a starcraft. Pro bono is usually used in the phrase "I do this shit pro bono." This word has now been added to the dictionary's of all the steven bonnell aka Destiny stream watchers.
I do this shit pro bono.
by Spirit7 January 11, 2011
30 40
any volunteer action, for the betterment of makind. Named after the lead singer of U2, Bono
You are required 20 hrs of pro-bono work at this law firm
by jowa August 14, 2006
11 24
a person who is a fan of U2
Lindsay was first in line for tickets for the concert tonight. She is so pro bono.
by Paula Vee 2 October 25, 2009
36 79