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A pro at being a hobo, combining the 2 words pro and hobo thus creating the word probo. It is an insult by saying that to someone of a high social status or a very rich person because you are calling him a very poor person and acts like a poor person.
Your so much of a probo you need 50% percent off at the dollar store and you still can't afford it!

You probo, can't you give me 50 cents for ice cream i will lend it back.
by An opposite of a probo August 08, 2006
short for probation
I've been on probo for a while, doo.

I feel like Jamal dead 'cause nigga be on probo.
by sofuckingfly April 13, 2011
A Portmanteau of the word professional and the term Hobo. It implies someone who is so effective as an unemployed bum that they appear to be an engaged middle to upper class citizen.
Anna is such a probo. She is always begging her dad for money, bumming drinks from her friends, and selling clothes. She never works but at least she bought me some groceries with her food stamps and gave me a ride to work in her 2003 Mercedes.
by Probo33 May 12, 2010
Gets its roots from the combination of "Pro" and "Hobo."
1. A homeless "street entertainer."
2. A normal person, with a job, who, in order to make extra money, facades as a homeless person.
Walk for a minute on any New York street and you are likely to find a probo.

Dude: "Hey, look at that hobo."
Dude 2: "That fucker works in the office across the street. What an asshole. He shouldn't take advantage of people like that. He's a probo!"
by FISHr October 17, 2006
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