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A process by which Mainstream Media addresses an issue incessantly, building up to a sense of pending doom. Of course, the problem, while worrisome, does not pose the grave threat they would like you to believe. Finally, MSM abandons coverage of the problem completely, moving on to another problem.
"Honey, why don't we hear any news about the drug cartels anymore?"

"That was last month's problem saturation, dear."
by Tuftskins April 30, 2009
Anything the media/government uses to blow out of proportion and strike fear into people.

Also see:
Swine Flu, Anthrax, Mad Cow, Cuba, Marijuana, Sars, Terrorism, Global Warming, Fuel crisis, etc. etc.
Hey James, did you hear about the swine flu epidemic that's going around? I feel pretty sick I think I might have it.

Dude, that's a typical effect of problem saturation. You're fine.
by PancakesPirate May 02, 2009
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