The political stance of soulless morally degenerate neo-nazi extremists who believe that they should have the legal right and choice to murder or exterminate undesirable humans. (see nazi for similar views.)
The term pro-choice is a fundamentally flawed and a contradiction of their doctrine. To have the choice to take one human's life is depriving another human of the choice to live. They ignore the obvious signs of protest (clenching fists, cowering etc.) which make it all too clear that the person they're dismembering alive DOES NOT CHOOSE THIS! They pretend to be so proud of their stance, but they lack the courage to call it what it really is: pro-murder. Instead they try pawn off their namby-pamby contradictory term of pro-choice.
Pro-choicers pretend to support the choice of women, meanwhile tens of millions of woman have been slaughtered and deprived of choice. Hence the pro-choicers put the "moron" in "oxymoron".
Also known as baby-murderers, pro-choicers pretend to remain ignorant of the fact that human life begins from the first cell division. They pretend that if they've seen no evil, they've done no evil. Some cannot live with this on their conscience and mental disturbences / suicide can follow. They claim that the murdered humans aren't citizens and don't have rights because they are not independant of their mothers. We've yet to see an independant toddler who has his own house and income, yet pro-choicers do not push for the right to murder these under-developed humans. Here lies the hypocrisy of pro- choicers.
The opposition to pro-choicers are the pro-lifers, though the two groups do not hold entirely opposing views. In fact, and ironically, pro-lifers are much more pro-choice than pro-choicers in that they believe both parties should have choice - the choice to life, that is, and any other choice that doesn't directly destroy another's life.
The possible future for so-called pro-choicers:
1) Fire may rain down on the cities that have not given up murdering their children
2) They may become more extreme in their choices, such as murdering oddlers (as they are dependants), murdering elderly parents who can't look after themselves or earn a living, people on the street they simply don't like, people they don't want living in their country, such as hispanics etc., people who look at them funny. The pro-ness of their choice may even eventually extend to total moral degeneration, resulting in looting, mugging, raping, manic murder sprees, bombing, etc.
E.g. #1
Chick: Hey man, I'm all for pro-choice.
Man: OK, my choice is to put this shotgun in your fat whore mouth and blow your brainless head away.
Chick: Oh my gosh, please no!!
Man: Sorry, what did you say? That's right, it doesn't matter as you're all for people making choices to abort lives that aren't theirs!
Shotgun: KABOOM!

E.g #2
Judge: What have you got to say for yourself regarding
the terrorist attacks on the 11th of September?
Moussaoui: Relax! I was just exercising your great
american tradition of pro-choice! Isn't it fun seeing
people die in your country? Heck, America killed more
Americans in one day than in all the efforts of Bin-Laden.
How do you feel about that, Mr judge?
Judge: Er... I'm pro-life myself, but I guess I'm ashamed
I haven't protested more.

E.g #3
Adolf Hitler: Ich bien pro-choisen!! Exterminate das Jew!
by Kino Sands May 17, 2006
Top Definition
a political view that believes that abortion should continue to be legal and accessible. Pro-choice is not necessarily pro-abortion, but merely being in support of a woman's having the option available. People who follow this view would not necessarily opt for abortion themselves, but do not wish to deny others the option.
Pro-choice is not an antithesis to pro-life; while the pro-life view would force women to give birth, pro-choice would not force them to abort.
by Child Hatter May 29, 2003
A social disposition that concludes that the only thing worse than abortion is the government having the authority to tell you whether you will/will not have one.

Many, if not most pro-choice believers do not relish abortion, but are committed to keeping the government out of our bedrooms, sex lives, and nurseries.

Although to a typical black/white, bible-thumping, attack dog anti-choice fundie, this automatically means that a pro-choicer not only loves abortions, but has obviously had several. Not true.
I got my ex-wife pregnant when I was 20, and we *CHOSE* to keep it; and have another.
by spot August 24, 2004
An American political stance characterized by the idea that abortion is a pregnant woman's right, as guaranteed by Roe v Wade. Compare to pro-life.
President Bush is not pro-life.
by Anonymous November 14, 2003
Someone who believes that abortion should be legalized.

There is a differance between pro-life and pro-choice. Pro-life people want to stop abortion because they think it is wrong. Pro-choice people may think abortion is a good or bad thing, but they want women to have the right to do it even if it's not a good choice to make.
Josephine is pro-choice, because even though she thinks abortion is wrong she believes in womens rights.
by Newbia June 10, 2004
Pro-Choice is generally referring to supporting, but not limited to supporting a woman's full range of reproductive rights; to continue a pregnancy to birth, terminate a pregnancy or carry the pregnancy to term and give the child up for adoption.
In recent years Pro-Choice has been extended to mens reproductive choices, health and options to choose vasectomy, celebacy, and/or intact and natural.
She was Pro Choice on her reproductive options.
by Anon-in-Illinois October 27, 2005
Someone who wants to keep abortion legal, wants euthanasia to be an option for the dying, or both. Not necessarily a heartless nihilist with no respect for human life, although that's a common stereotype. Usually considers abortion and euthanasia "necessary evils."
"I think abortion is wrong, but I realize that sometimes it's the only option. What does that make me?"
"You still count as pro-choice. Get used to it."
by Qit February 27, 2004
see also pro-choice. One who advocates the legality of abortion.
Bob is pro choice.
by mrmcd December 12, 2003
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