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Pro-Choice is generally referring to supporting, but not limited to supporting a woman's full range of reproductive rights; to continue a pregnancy to birth, terminate a pregnancy or carry the pregnancy to term and give the child up for adoption.
In recent years Pro-Choice has been extended to mens reproductive choices, health and options to choose vasectomy, celebacy, and/or intact and natural.
She was Pro Choice on her reproductive options.
by Anon-in-Illinois October 27, 2005
To have nothing or Value of an item to be worthless.
"You got dick shit, bitch"
by Anon-in-Illinois October 21, 2005
McTard is a shorter version of McRetard. A McTard is a disparaging term for a McDonalds, fast food employee or persons other bottom-level end position service related.

McTard is also a derogatory term referring to those with mental disabilities, mentally challenged and mentally handicapped persons working at McDonalds or food service related jobs.
That McTard couldn't get my order right, so the manager had to take my order!
by Anon-in-Illinois October 27, 2005
In South Western Illinois, SWIC means "Still Writing In Crayon" a deprecating meaning to acronym for Southwestern Illinois College.
You Go to SWIC? You know what that means? Still Writing In Crayon! Ha-Ha!
by Anon-in-Illinois October 27, 2005
Combination of Liberal and turd. A Libturd is generally referring to politically left leaning to extreme left leaning person that believes their liberal view points are the only valid view points and anyone that disagrees with them is a fundie and belongs to the Religious Right.
The Libturds were trolling on the Yahoo! forums.
by Anon-in-Illinois October 21, 2005

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