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Usually an American drag car with a custom built race legal, light weight chassis, big cubic inch engine with some sort of power adder (blower, nitrous, turbo), large wing for down force, and massive rear tires to hold around 3000+ horse power. With the high numbers the engines produce, pro mods usually run mid 6 second quarter miles and 3-4 second eight miles. However, the most important detail that separates pro mods from similar looking funny cars is that all pro mods have functional doors.
that pro mod door slammer just did an 1/8th mile burn out.
by joeyzasa October 21, 2009
doing a serious burn out and leaving over ten foot of rubber on some asfault
Those niggas was getting hounded and did a PRO-MOD getting out of there.
by Brock y December 23, 2002

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