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A very popular technique used in the multiplayer game series, Halo. This "combo" involves throwing a grenade at there feet to remove their shields partially or completely then shooting them in the head with a Magnum, Carbine, or Battle Rifle.

This is not to be confused with the "noob combo" which is shooting them with an overcharged plasma pistol and then shooting them in the face with a Magnum, Carbine, or Battle Rifle. The pro combo is much more common than the noob combo in the third Halo because of the large nurf that the plasma pistol received.
BOB: I was just about to die when my partner landed a grenade and finished off the pro combo with my BR.

JOE: Nice!
by Brett B. July 10, 2008
to charge a plasma pistol then shoot some1 then pull outa carbine & shoot dat person in da head in halo2

also known as da nub combo
Mace: River get da pro combo & shoot dat ho.
River: i got it where is he
by CJ aka mace windu 76 August 03, 2006
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