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This is when a male fucks a female so hard that her guts cum out like in the movie, "Saving Private Ryan"
Chris said, "I want to private ryan Olivia so bad." OR "I privite ryaned that hoe!"
by gabe-cheeks July 21, 2008
When a male has anal or sexual intercourse so hard with a female that her guts pour out, resembling the wounded soldier in the movie "Saving Private Ryan".
Chris said to Marco, "Olivia is such a babe, I'm gunna' Private Ryan her!"
The wife came home eager for a Private Ryan.
by Why So Serious?... July 24, 2008
when private ryan was coming back to his group,he didn't salute,walk with pride,or anything. he just jogged like if nobody was there. he had them so pissed off,that one guy said to another guy "told you he was an asshole"
by thablueprint786 May 28, 2010
1. one who fondles their anus with there fingertips; to stick their middle finger up their ass
2. one who sticks a gerbil up their ass
I saw something moving around in PrivateRyan's back pocket.
by TheTrueDrinker November 12, 2003
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