The way a man acts and is dressed in prison.

For a "man" which is almost 100% of the time a black man he is real tough looking and always faces down someone. Always has his pants pulled up. This is man prison yard swagg.

For a woman which is almost 100% of the time a white guy and is being used for sex by the black man he almost always has his head down and his pants hang low on his rear to let the black men know he is ready for them or that his cellmate master is renting him out. This is female prison yard swagg.
Man in prison they loved my prison yard swagg pants hang low on my rear. I didn't like it at first but i soon loved it. Yeah i was a prison wife but after a year i was a prison hoe.
by tiff6969 February 12, 2010
Top Definition
the way a person represents themselves. a way to show power and control within the prison yard. helps to define where you belong in the prison game.
look at the fool rite there he still has that prison yard swagg.
by cloudylove4 April 19, 2009
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