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A pop singer who says she is a a country singer. While her songs are good she is annoying cause she says she is country and alot of her fans say she is, and if you say diffencet they will try to hurt you.

A sex tape of her giveing oral to a unknown male and kissing miley cryus come out a few weeks ago. But she and her people got it and put videos of her in a swim suit from the song I'm only me when i'am with you on the internet saying it was the tape but it was not.
Hey did you hear taylor swift's new song it is ansome.

Yeah but i hate her cause she says she is country but really she is pop.

Yeah you hear that the sex tape of her was just the music video I'm only me when i'am with you.

Yeah but it was not the real one she just got the people posting it to change it to that video so she could say she was still a virgin.
by tiff6969 January 14, 2010
Is a tattoo resembling the spades symbol of a deck of cards with the letter "Q" in it.

Women get this tattoo when they have became addicted to big black cock. It is to let black men know without talking to a girl that she is down for sex with all black men.
After my 1st month of college i got a Queen of spades tramp stamp with some wings on it. I love going shopping with my white hubby and 4 black babies and showing off my Queen of spades tattoo to the world.
by tiff6969 July 01, 2012
Normally a girl but can be a guy. A cum pig is someone who loves the taste and feel of cum in and on them. A cum pig will always be looking for guys to have sex with on a day to day routine. They will normally go for the hot guys first but will pick out the ugly guys if all the guy hot guys are taken. Cum pigs are normally into all types of sex orgies and all types of degrading sex and all 99% of the time total submissive.
OMG i am a total interracial cum pig i went to a cum party last night and had sex with 15 black guys before the night was done.
by tiff6969 April 27, 2010
A girl or in some cases a guy that is not black but has sex with black men and is there for is considered "black" after having sexual relations with a black person. Depending on the black male(s) involved it could be one time with one black male or 20 plus times with a interracial gangbang.

Also after this happens the person could be consided to be black owned.
I am black by injection because i only have sex with black men and i have been gangbanged many times and black bred 3 times.
by tiff6969 March 10, 2010
A white girl or any color girl that is not black but is pregnant with a black baby.

Can be used many ways.

I am black bred. Meaning the girl is pregnant by a black guy.

I have been black bred. Meaning the girl has been pregnant with a black bady and most likey will be again.

OMG i am going to be black bred meaning the girl is going to get pregnant by a black guy most likey if a girl uses it in this way she is going to be in a interracial gangbang, but can mean she is going to get pregnant by her black boyfriend.
OMG i have been black bred 3 times and i don't know who any of the baby daddies are.
by tiff6969 March 24, 2010
The way a man acts and is dressed in prison.

For a "man" which is almost 100% of the time a black man he is real tough looking and always faces down someone. Always has his pants pulled up. This is man prison yard swagg.

For a woman which is almost 100% of the time a white guy and is being used for sex by the black man he almost always has his head down and his pants hang low on his rear to let the black men know he is ready for them or that his cellmate master is renting him out. This is female prison yard swagg.
Man in prison they loved my prison yard swagg pants hang low on my rear. I didn't like it at first but i soon loved it. Yeah i was a prison wife but after a year i was a prison hoe.
by tiff6969 February 12, 2010
When a white girl gets pregant by a black man. Race is reverseable and also across any race lines. But mainly it is a white girl and has sex with mutilpe black men and gets pregant by one of them by mistake or on purpose.

In cases like this 99% of the time the black men just want to get a white girl pregant.
Man i have been a interracial breding girl 3 times already the first time was a mistake in a interracial gangbang but the next 2 was on purpose. And i still ain't married lol.
by tiff6969 March 10, 2010

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