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where prisoners gang members keep things they want to keep safe IE up there butt
i keep my money in my prison wallet. i got to get it out of my prison wallet
by rudedog April 20, 2009
The anal cavity of an inmate, so named for its ability to smuggle valuables into a prision or stash them for safe keeping. Due to "recreational activity" prisoners often leave with a larger prison wallets than when they arrive.
Prison life bound to be dull, but due to years of fisting the convict managed to bring 3 kilos of smack and a boombox in his prison wallet.
by Cuntoleezza Rice February 01, 2007
rectum. Used in smuggling contraband into a facility or moving contraband within secure areas of a facility. Also simply as "wallet"
C/O: When Hoskins comes in from the work detail, take him to medical for a cavity search. I hear he's packing dope in his prison wallet
by LT McGunn June 27, 2011
Using the anus as a wallet in prison to sneak in assorted goods.
Hey man I snuck some coke in for us in my prison wallet.
by Tommy Buns 654 May 22, 2013