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The cool as fuck, all-powerful, all-knowing being on the Cartoon Network television show Adventure Time. He resides in the Time Room in the center of the multiverse, and can grant every being one wish. The wishes are powerful enough to change timelines, or even create/destroy worlds, and unless these wishes are extremely specific, they can have an unforeseen twist. He can also create material items for himself or others without it counting as a wish.
Jake: Make Finn ok! I wish for safe Finn!

Prismo: Wait.. dude, look.. I like you, so you should know my wishes always got an ironic twist to 'em. It's like a monkey's paw kind of thing.

Jake: What?!

Prismo: You just gotta be really specific. Say your wish is "I wish for a back rub". Who's gonna give it to you? A dirty man? A bear? And where does this masseuse come from? Do I zap some guy away from his family dinner, leave some kid traumatized?

Cosmic Owl: *gasp*

Prismo: "Mom where did dad go", "I don't know, son, he just disappeared from the table, sorry."

Jake: :Stares with jaw dropped:

Prismo: You see Jake, there's rules to this stuff. Wishing an event to be changes elements before and after it. Memories will be destroyed, babies will not be born, potential worlds could be evaporated by your wish.

Jake: :throws up:
by Prismo October 18, 2013
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