1. Plushies-wrapped-in-plastic sex and the sound it makes.
2. Prickly tentacles in plastic wrap raining on you.
I was prinkling a friend of mine the other day.
by MoMo October 25, 2004
Top Definition
The crinkling noise heard when a person wearing a maxipad moves around. Portmanteau of "pad" and "crinkle".
As she was walking to bed, I heard a prinkle through her thin pajama pants.
by prinkler July 14, 2010
A mix of both sprinkling and pinching. It involves picking up something and letting it trickle back to where you got it form.
Playing with your popcorn at the movies, or picking up jelly bean from a bowl and letting them drop back down, than repeating it.
"Hey dude, eat that damn popcorn, don't just prinkle it"
by BouncyCastle08 January 22, 2008
Shortening of the insult "penis wrinkle"
"Shut up you prinkle!"
by Alec V October 14, 2008
A penis wrinkle. p - enis + wrinkle - w = prinkle.
"Do you have a prinkle?"

"... should I?"
by Mrs. Ralph aka Lila March 26, 2007
A cute way of saying "Sprinkle." ('prinkle)
I want ice cream, with prinkles on top.
by Adriana Christensen July 23, 2006
(n.) a wrinkle on or around the penis;
a "penis wrinkle"
My ex boyfriend had a lot of prinkles!
by Kitty245 July 10, 2008
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