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a spanish-derived term meaning "princess" that has adoptively become part of our everyday jargon. it has also been known as a synonym for "baby" or "honey" in a boyfriend-to-girlfriend relationship. pronounced with a rolling 'R'.
His princesa bought him a Rolex for Christmas.
by redlssgurl February 24, 2004
Super sweet girl. Crazy fun personality, one of kind jewel loves to laugh. Loyal to all her friends & family. Sometimes a lil mean so don't mess with her. Can we say she might have an "small" obsession with anime. Loves her name but blames her parents. loves rabbits & manatees.
Lauraa: Ummm Jade, why is Princesa walking with a manatee tied to her head yo!

Jade: Don't even ask She is crazy man, she's crazy!
by Tobiume October 24, 2010
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