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A lame little town close to no potential at all. Has crazy hill billies, hobos, hippies & wanna be gangsta's. Claim to fame SASQUATCH, REDWOODS & WEED!
Random Eureka guy: Wanna buy some weed, dude?
Other guy: Na man, Im tryn to sell some myself, man.
Random Eureka guy: Damn man damn.
Other guy: Lets go to Arts Alive and smoke it up, man.
Random Eureka guy: Sure man, sure, lets go!
by Tobiume October 24, 2010
Super sweet girl. Crazy fun personality, one of kind jewel loves to laugh. Loyal to all her friends & family. Sometimes a lil mean so don't mess with her. Can we say she might have an "small" obsession with anime. Loves her name but blames her parents. loves rabbits & manatees.
Lauraa: Ummm Jade, why is Princesa walking with a manatee tied to her head yo!

Jade: Don't even ask She is crazy man, she's crazy!
by Tobiume October 24, 2010
Is sassy, fun, sarcastic & stubborn. Has a low tolerance for dumb-asses. Amazing sense of humor.Laughs and smiles at just about everything even if it isn't funny .100% down to earth. Great smile.Likes to make people laugh and smile .Don't be fooled by her name she is not asian. Can be shy at times but I'm not buying it. Acts childish and immature. Is known to be loud & obnoxious in public. Is a boy magnet. Loves indie-pop-techno. Likes to use the F-Word after everything.
carol: ohmygod i heard that Jade totally likes Matt is it true

Laura: Is that really any of your buisness

Carol: yeah everything at this school is my buisness cause im the queen of everybodys buisness

Laura: Your stupid and jsut wasting your time you better shut up before Jade makes you cry again (:
by Tobiume October 24, 2010
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