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The rainiest and darkest city in all of Canada, Rupertites are known for their artistic savvy because they are house riddin for the 364 rainy days in the year. having nothing to do but read books, listen to music, and go on the internet Rupertites are much paler than the typical Canadian.
Bob the Rupertite: "man this new Radiohead album is great"
Fred the Rupertite: "yeah It's good to walk to"
Bob the Rupertite: "you go outside?"
Fred the Rupertite: "yeah"
Bob the Rupertite: "were you born in Prince Rupert?"
Fred the Rupertite: "yeah..."
Bob the Rupertite: "you must be crazy then"
Fred the Rupertite: *shrug*
by J3sS# October 26, 2007
City of Rainbows
Beautiful city,rains a lot,tourist attraction
A city in British Columbia, Canada. PRINCE RUPERT IS AWESOME
by voldemorts_nipple4ever May 04, 2011

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