A typical inbred mutant with the personality of a jamrag.
Someone who is plug ugly.
A useless parasite.
Someone who marries a hag for blowjobs.
Oh look mummy, it's that ugly inbred cunt Prince Charles, yes dear, he's such a useless fucking mutant.
by disloyal subject March 19, 2006
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An anal piercing. Similar to a prince albert, but on the anus.
My partners prince albert got tangled with my prince charles when he fucked me in the ass last night.
by awerkinprogress August 17, 2007
inbred arse rapist whose family have been robbing the British people blind for hundreds of years.
the french had the right idea, cut off their heads and take their money.CUNTS.
by camilla November 07, 2003
Prince Charles is a man who preeches about global warming and the environment, despite owning something like 40 cars. He rants on about animal cruelty and animal rights, despite going hunting and shooting. Then he starts wondering why no-one takes him seriously. He believes in a Britain which doesn't exist and never did exist, except in fairy-tales, in which the peasants all love their royal rulers. He has more or less finished off any remaining respect or love anybody in Britain had for the royal family.
Oh no, there's Prince Charles on the TV ranting on about something. Let's turn over to the 'Best of the Test-card'. That should be far more entertaining.
by StormSworder August 15, 2006
During oral sex the man grabs the "givers" ears when he is about to come so they can't escape. When the ears are pulled the person has big ears like Prince Charles
She didn't want it in her mouth so I gave her a Prince Charles so I could.
by dosllama January 12, 2010
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