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Thirty something man with shiny shaved head (brillare means to shine in Italian). He usually carries a small water bottle (like a baby bottle), which he fills with tap water because he is too mean to buy a new one. He is usually seen with a girl (the brilla) wearing expensive but boring clothes (she looks like his mum..). They are both extremely disorganised and unaware of world politics. Their passions are getting rich and buying property. They are boring.
'Don't be a brillo!' It broadly means 'don't conform, try to have a personality'. Brillos are all very much the same.
by Camilla April 10, 2005
inbred arse rapist whose family have been robbing the British people blind for hundreds of years.
the french had the right idea, cut off their heads and take their money.CUNTS.
by camilla November 07, 2003
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