The most amazing band ever!
Yo kid, there like Primus, except Primus is much better.
by Chris Schade December 08, 2003
the most amaizing band ever... seriously listening to them is better than sex... I would love to have sex with Les Claypool.
I went to the primus show last night, good lord, it was awesome.
by snow white July 22, 2004
One of the most excellent bands on the planet. Formed in 1986 somewhere in the bay Area by Les Claypool (bass), Todd Huth (guitar) and Tim Wright (drums).

Wright shortly after the band's inception. He was replaced by Jay Lane. Then he jumped the shark too and was replaced by Tim "Herb" Alexander. Huth was also replaced by Blind Illusion guitarist Larry "ler" LaLonde.

CD after CD followed. Brian Mantia replaced Herb for The Brown Album and Antipop. But Herb has now returned for Animals Should Not Try To Act Like People, a 5-song EP.
Primus' "Pork Soda" was nominated for a Grammy in 1993.
by Kyo July 02, 2004
Person that has a few selected friends. They all are "primus", a secret society that seeks to conquest the world. There are lots of lesser primus around the world.
The master primu of Malaga, the primus of Jaen.
by Lhazar February 08, 2004
An Alternate word for a Basketball.
Hey Corto, pass the Primus. I'm open.
by Russcheel February 24, 2009
Root Word Pri-mus

1) to rule in a supreme way 2) fist among the lot 3) a Family Originating in Granada who's offspring covers that Island, dang it i'm Juanell 1L Primus, and i can't even travel there in fear i might marry a cousin my grand dad had 52 children and his farther 35 i'm crap out of luck over there
the smith family rules in a most amazing way, almost like Primus
by Cosmic Pope October 29, 2010

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