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a usually quite large (fat) boy that is poor and also a very compulsive liar.
teacher: what is 2 add 2?
james: *eatin a cookie* errrr 5
teacher: stop being a priddle and take that food out of ur mouth!
by 2pac_is_dead August 20, 2005
Someone who likes to be double fisted. Has a vagina like a wizard's sleeve, and is constantly taking it up the chili ring.
Stop being such a "Priddle". You just pulled a "Priddle"
by Vettty. January 17, 2009
A collection of between three and fourty six dwarfs trained in specialist tactical covert digging.
Snow white was renound for her exquisite priddle.
by Dave Bose June 19, 2003
A compulsive liar who wastes everybodys time. Usually found living on welfare in low socioeconomic areas in run down houses. Their complete failure at everything attempted in life is usually transferred on to others in a vain attempt to save their own face.
Jason: "I didn't sell them kids drugs, honest! It was me dad!"

Police: "We know it was you jason, we have a video tape. Stop being such a bloody priddle."
by Pridz January 17, 2005
If there is a series of movies made, the movie that would be between a prequel and the 'first' movie in the series is called a priddle.
I watched the priddle of (random movie) the other day and it connected the two other movies perfectly.
by Poppinfresh March 05, 2004
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