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Similar to prank calling, prexting is prank texting someone.
Person 1: "Hey, how is your roommate situation going?"

Person 2: "Not well. My roommate was prexting me last night at 3:00 am!"
by ElPasoAg October 05, 2010
1. pretending to text
2. to avoid eye contact or conversation with someone
3. awkwardness
"Frannie was prexting in the hallway to avoid her ex-boyfriend."
by Coco Ellie October 20, 2009
Pre-sexting texting.

Texting that will eventually lead to Sexting.

-Originally coined by John Hodgman
I'm prexting your sister right now. Once we start sexting I'm going to save the pics to my phone, and share them with the whole school
by Creech Daddy November 05, 2013