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The excessive use of the nyan cat meme, to the point where the song becomes embedded in the central nervous system of a person. This is most likely to happen in Facebook wall posts or status updates.
Person 1: "Hey, did you see the new nyan cat video I posted on Person 3's Facebook wall?"

Person 2: "Oh yeah. It was absolutely hilarious!"

Person 3: (walks into room) "Oh my goodness I love nyan cat! nyan nyan nyan nyan..."

Person 1: "Man, you are totally suffering from Nyanception."
by ElPasoAg July 05, 2011
Similar to prank calling, prexting is prank texting someone.
Person 1: "Hey, how is your roommate situation going?"

Person 2: "Not well. My roommate was prexting me last night at 3:00 am!"
by ElPasoAg October 05, 2010

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