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A person who specializes in prereleasing pirated software for a warez group or as a courier who uploads and distributes pirated software. This activity may have been important in the days of dial in BBS sites but today, any prewhoring would likely be handled by an automated script on an FTP server or in an IRC channel.

Prewhore is now and may have always been considered a derogatory term as it was probably used mostly as a way for newbies to get into the warez scene when they had no other talents! A prewhore could possibly get to meet some of the senior members of a warez group, learn to crack or train, possibly make a name for themself and maybe some day get a mention in the release NFO!

Do to competition in the scene, a prewhore may also do the anonymous dirty work for some groups. For example, if a warez group had been working real hard to crack the latest "blackhole force" copy protection on the upcomming final release of Quake5 but 1 day before it came out, some one uploaded an already cracked beta to all of the ftp's and distro sites, then they just got prewhored, or pre'd!

NOTE: A prewhore may also refer to a young female before she becomes a prostitute but I have not confirmed this! As in "Brittney Spears is a prewhore"
leech slots, ratio acct holders can get them to fxp to them.

god damnit.

go back to dalnet

ever heard of 'trading'?
know what a 'courier' is? or a 'prewhore'?

or am i just walking around with my head up my ass?

--The iSONEWS, 2001
by Rut April 07, 2006
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A word used in the game Guild Wars to discribe the elementalists who sit in Ascalon District 1 Pre Seering all day and talk to eachother.
Most pre whores do not even play they game, they simply sit there in Ascalon district 1 all day and talk to eachother. Also, the pre whores have a perticular hatred for Necromancers and Warriors, and will usually run away from players of these professions.
They're also very concerned with what people think about them on a game, and will usually run if you stand on them or close to them. Their only friends are other pre whores they meet on the game. Pre whores also often have an online boyfriend/girlfriend.
Dude, I was on my Necromancer and I walked up to this group of Pre whores and they all ran to the other side of Ascalon
by 2 Words August 03, 2006
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