a young child who is in the beginning stages of becoming a pervert later in life
the 5 year old boy said of his older brother's girlfriend: "woooow, look at the rack on her!" what a prevert!
by wuhahahaha June 02, 2007
A young person (12 and under) who has a perverted mind but knows that his mother will kill him if he does anything like grab a chick's ass from behind.
Did you see that little prevert looking at his sister's Victoria's Secret magazine?
by ThatChickWhoKicks@$$ August 27, 2009
A person possessed of a dirty mind who constantly seeks to invent new and more subtle double entenderes rather than using those already in common usage.
"I never thought of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves in that context until Jim hinted at it. What a prevert"
by J M D July 23, 2005
A young pervert or pervert-in-the-making
Sometimes, young teenage boys are referred to as "preverts" because they are not mature enough to be called a full pervert.
by chocolatio June 02, 2007
A person on the verge of doing or saying something innapropriate.
Cindy: (Waiting in line at Disney World) "... this thing is sooo long! ... Don't say anything John. I can see that preverted look in your eyes".
by Kazizzle February 02, 2008
A mis-spelled variation of the word pervert, most often seen in chat rooms. Often this gramatical error is dubbed "l33t" speak, in a pathetic attempt to hide their own stupidity. See pron
That prevert downloads way to much donkey pron.
by el jefe June 11, 2004
a person about to become a pervert.

from the latin prevertus, meaning... no I'm kidding. It's just bare of pre- before
- I'm a retard who can't spell
- And you're probably a prevert.
by Steve Lewis June 13, 2004

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