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a real pretty girl w/ nice features
Lindsay Lohan is a FUCKIN ugly ass CARROT CROTCH! Asian girls are pretty.
by vallerie March 28, 2005
pretty muuuch! aka Pri tay!
U got that junk?
by FastBreak January 21, 2004
Having the eye-pleasing qualities, but lacking in everything else including normal thought processes.
Joey: "OW! I just ran into the door!"
Amanda: "That's why you're pretty."
by I<3pie May 20, 2007
1.) A euphemism for stupid.
2.) One who gets by more on physical beauty than on intelligence.
1.) She used scotch tape to repair a tire leak? She's so pretty!
2.) Jessica Simpson must be very pretty if she starring in another movie.
by Cheatuh December 01, 2006