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Polite way of saying someone is "beautiful,gorgeous,lovely fantastic,hot,sexy"

Someone who looks facially stunning up close.
Dude, that new girl you met, she's got such a pretty face!
by snowflakels373737 December 28, 2011
101 61
1. Another word for rather.

2. Another word for beautiful.
1. I think this is a pretty good example.

2. The layout of Urban Dictionary is kind of pretty.
by Joey 'word' Smith October 14, 2011
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The word 'pretty' can be used in a multitude of ways. Not only can it be used as a descriptive term for something you've visually seen, it can also be used to describe a felt (mentally or emotionally) status, so to speak, of something or someone. While words like, for example, pretty, ugly, beautiful and hideous are all used at the opinion and discretion of the user, 'pretty' is often times a more readily used and agreed upon term to describe something or someone that is above average aesthetically. Be it an outfit, hairdo, painting, a persons face or a home, if its appearance is above average (but not considered to be to the level of gorgeous or beautiful) in its attractiveness, it could be considered 'pretty'.

As a feeling, it's generally used to proclaim an above - average opinion on something. It can, however, sometimes be used to describe something as only so-so. As you can tell, "pretty" has many uses. These are only a few definitions.
"Tiffany has such pretty hair - I love its color!"

"Did you watch that new comedy show on tv last night? It was pretty funny!"

Coworker #1 "I think he's next up for a promotion."
Coworker "2 "Yea, I agree. He's definitely sitting pretty right now."
by Hmm ... May 25, 2014
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Beautiful, gorgeous, dressed nice, clean, neat
Ex.- That girl is pretty.
by prettysydneyy May 05, 2014
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cute underwear worn by pretty girls.
not overly sexy, but may have some lace.
are generally in pretty colors, but sometimes black, white, grey, or brown.
girl1: oh look, my shoes untied! *bends over to tie shoe, exposing cute lacey underwear*
girl2: awh, i can see yer pretties!
girl1: oops!

by ghettostarchild August 22, 2007
15 18
zayn malik
"What's the definition of pretty?"

"Zayn Malik."
by The Somewhat Truth Speaker December 20, 2013
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essentially the equivalent to a woman's period.
used to describe when a guy is in a mass stress for no apparant reason.
BOY: argh! fuck's sake! my shoelace is undone!!
GIRL TO HER FRIEND: he's on his pretties.
by Amylase II June 10, 2008
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