Very good looking young male between the age of 14 and 30 years. Pretty Boys tend to be very thin/skinny with androgynous, female looking faces (in a good way). Currently, many major fashion designers use pretty boys as their models due to their extreme good looks and ability to look good in anything they wear (or don't wear). Pretty boys tend to pay close attention to their physical cleanliness and hygiene and like to wear designer apparel (real designer, not Abercrombie, and Hollister) These tall/slender males can often be shy around the opposite sex and are so gorgeous that they can often be intimidating to females who are interested in them. It is unfortunate for those females, however, because those with the ectomorph/tall/slim body type tend be very well endowed in their private areas.
Male model Eddie Klint is a pretty boy.
by Beautiful People Only! February 22, 2010
A male most likely in teen years who spend an abnormal amount of time on their looks. Thinks that looking good is the most important thing in the world.Known to be ultra- eye candy. They are often told the should be a model of some kind. They have HUGE egos, and thinks they can get any girl they want. Usually extremely popular & a heart throb with the ladies.In most cases are players or juggle several relationships with women at once. These kinds of guys run high in the black race.
Girl: "Omg, have you ever met Travis! He is GEORGEOUS!"
Freind:" I know I seen him!, but you already know his type girl!."
Girl: "I know he's a 100% prettyboy"
by prettyboyknower May 30, 2009
a guy who has a clean cut good face
Carson is such a pretty boy!
by LisaC August 11, 2003
a boy (usually teens to late twenties) who has feminine physical (and sometimes mental) traits, such as long eyelashes, high cheekbones, etc. they are usually very skinny, clean and well groomed, possessing delicate beauty and features that appeal to both sexes.
girl: ahhh, im in love with that pretty boy!
boy : *jealous* ughhh,, hes probably gay, just forgot about him. date ME !!!
girl : ... weirdo....
boy : maybe i should be pretty too -_-"
by mi_kyoung April 08, 2011
a very handsome young adult, usually gets everything handed to him . Doesn't get into fights but would just get up and walk away, he cares about his appearance and what other people may think. Although he may appear gay to some he is a straight heterosexual male.
joe Johnson is consider to be a pretty boy
by queeeenbee August 08, 2014
Not to be mistaken for a metrosexual who generally spends a lot of time on his appearance. Although a pretty boy may spend time on his appearance he generally was always pretty - soft featured and more feminine in looks rather than having a square face and chiseled features, usually has a round or oval face. Sometimes androgenous in looks.

Pretty boy usually relates to the hair and face as it does in relation to a girl being pretty.
Hey you're such a pretty boy, you're so pretty P R E TT Y!
by i_am_redgirl August 20, 2007
Boy with full lips and long eyelashes that girls may envy or find attractive (or both)
Doesn't play a manly sport
Jason galindo is a pretty boy
by Wallflowerfortyseven October 25, 2013

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