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The act of pulling the car door handle at the moment the driver unlocks the door, rendering the attempt fruitless, and resulting in minor frustration and/or embarrassment.
"Could you unlock it again dude? I pre-pulled."
by pigpen23 February 25, 2007
2307 208
When a guy masterbates before he has sex so that he can last longer.
I know I'll last longer cause I had a pre-pull
by bbeh01 June 04, 2009
18 9
when opening a car door as soon as the driver unlocks it leaving you pulling very fast with the door still locked
*click click**pull* DAMN!... the door is still locked.... :( i must have prepulled
by stephanieeeee March 07, 2007
14 9
1. See lockblock.
Lockblock was the word of the day months ago. Lockblock is true urban slang. Pre-pull is retarded.
by tofoomeister March 05, 2007
68 63
the act of ejaculating before an actual hand job or blow job
c-dog pre-pulled before tija could touch him.
by ty-rone March 05, 2007
27 122
The bonor a guy gets in the final stages of chatting up a girl prior to sealing the deal and getting her to come home with him.
Dude : Dude I was chatting up this hot bitch in a club and had to go for a piss but when I got to the toilets I had to wait for the pre-pull to go down before I could go.
by Navman March 06, 2007
20 122