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popular for preppy people
Abercrombie is prepular because preppy people wear it
by sweethang July 12, 2005
Preppy and popular. Mostly just preppy, though. Generally skanky.
"The mafia". (Annie and her four disciples)
by loseresque July 22, 2005
a prepular is someone that is preppy AND popular. You must be both to be a prepular. Most even play some sports. You have to have a defined group that enjoys poking fun at others because they are different. Connections are everything! if your shoes were on sale at wal-mart for 7.99, no one wants to know it! As far as your group knows...they were 40$ at A+F. they are the people you love. and also the people you LOVE to HATE.
without naming names, i would like to say a prepular is:

A girl who comes to school late with a java in her hand,, wearing big sunglasses and and something with a bird on it. Maybe even a girls polo. They have a certain spot for lunch and are very organized.
by AnnaFace November 29, 2007
an adjective to describe a prep...
Look at those prepular people over at Abercrombie!
by Nikko February 17, 2004
A prissy person who usually gets freeked when they break a nail. And they think they are all that or w/e
There are tons of prepulars at the mall, lets leave!
by RachelGreene13 April 16, 2006
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