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A Preppy Guy, is not you normal, walk in the mall guy, he usual, is rocking designer clothing and materialistic items, from Gucci Belts to Polo Hats, it depends on the occasion, bright colors (consisting of yellow shirts, about 3 or more, different brands from polo, to Lacoste) the usual madras shorts (from brooks brothers, Jcrew, McLaughlin, and the obvious choice Ralph Lauren) Preppy guy's do not wear fakes, because they are not fakes, they are the model kid from the model family in the model school, they show a high class sophisticated life, at such a very young age, they are way more mature looking and acting, then normal kid's there age. They do not attend "Public School", (unless it is a catholic reform school which is pushing it), They go to Private/Boarding Schools, playing Golf, Lacrosse, Tennis, Soccer, Croquet, and more... Depending on the Prep, they range from, Casual-Prep all the way to Formal-Prep, They usually have vacation homes, on the Lake, or on the beach, Martha's Vineyard, Hyannis Port, Lake George, Lake Tahoe, Newport, and most preps dad's have out of country estates, well only the Super-Preps, the leader, possibly a roman villa, or an inspired Greek terrace in the French Rivera. Life is good for Prep guys, driving in there old dad's cars, or there new bought S.U.V. from the grandparents, You can tell a fake Prep by the type of car as well, Acura's=Fake, Mercedes-Benz=Real, Honda=Fake, B.M.W.=Real, now if your wondering, what about Jeep? Depends on the year, and make, please use your knowledge of PREPISM (Prep Back round) to distinguish, these outlaws. By the way, true party preps, usually pass school with C’s and go to high business colleges, like Babson, Bentley, or Wharton, after all, if they are true preps, their legacy.
A preppy Guy just played frisbee, with his dog on the Nantucket beach.
by MasterPrep May 30, 2006
A preppy guy = someone who is NEVER sloppy dressed. Shop at places like hollister, abercrombie and fitch, old navy, places like that. Preppy guys make fun of losers and nerds, and other people who are not in their "group". They only hang out with people like themselves on no one else. Generally stuck up, rich and know that they are better than everyone else. They are generally obessesed with themselves. A lot of preppy guys are the jocks but then again a lot of them are not.
I am a preppy guy for sure! Preppy guys usually rule all schools and most people hate them because of it. Mainly because of the fact that the preps have the money, the cars, and everything else!
by Jon Calhoun April 07, 2006
A guy that is overley fake and wishes he was born a girl.

He shops at girl's clothing stores like abercrombie&fitch, holister and aeropostale.

He wishes he could fit into limited too and justice, but most likeley, those clothes are too small for him. Many preppy guys also enjoy wearing makeup.

The average preppy guy has likes cruddy music and has WAYY too much money! He plays alot of boring sports that make no sense..

On top of ALL that.. preppy guys are goodie-goodie two shoes! And everyone knows no girl would ever want a goodie-goodie two shoes boyfriend... so many preppy guys resort to being gay.

Girl 1:Is that guy wearing ALL girl's clothing?

Girl 2: Yup, he's a preppy guy.. && heyy! I have that shirt he's wearing!! :(
by skittles :) July 10, 2008
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