A prep generally refers to girls. They are always happy and sweet, and sometimes cheerleaders, not the slutty kind, but the all-star competitive kind. Preps are not all of those stupid high school girls that love Hollister and wear an inch of powder make-up. Preps love high end designer clothing such as gucci and prada, but most often wear less expencive couture such as Juicy, Sevens, Lacoste, Ralph Lauren, Lilly pulitzer, True religions, and rock and republics. Preps play tennis, golf, ski, go to country clubs, and vacation often. Preps are only blonde if it is natural or they have tasteful highlights. They only wear black to funerals, because there are so many prettier colors to wear. True preps are scarce in north carolina and other boring states, I am the only prep at my school.
girl- Look at that retard loser, she is wearing aeropostale! eeew, A&F is so much more in style

Prep- Lets ask her if she wants to go to the pool with us, its such a nice day, and I can show off my burberry swimsuit
by Rachael eliza November 21, 2006
Rich kids who wear Abacrombie and ride in their parents SUVS. They may be brainless and unbearable, but they're hated much, much more than you think.

*Lets all go to Hot Topic Okay?
by AdamDude January 18, 2004
A person who is a complete tool that only wears polos and 80 dollar jeans from abercrombie and fitch. Usually talks shit to other groups but only if they are 50 feet away. Also only fights when the ratio is 4:1. All look,sound and act alike.
Prep: *50 feet away* I hate you cause your different
Punk: Why don't you say that to my face?
Prep: I will! *calls at least 10 of his friends*
Prep *to friends* help me fight this one kid because i can't fight him by myself since I'm so weak
by Matt O'Connor August 08, 2006
Basically, a back-stabbing loser who chooses to wear clean-cut outfits because they think it's cool or in style. They usually use "gangsta" terms but look like complete idiots while attempting. They are the main reason why so many other cliques dress in darker colors, but exclude them completely. They are known to judge emos the most, typically saying "emo" means "emotional". Typically being wrong. Lol.
Some preppy guy or girl: "LyKe oMg wE aRe so KewL && totaLlY NoT eMo. We dOn't SlIt oUr wrisTs lykE dA freakZ iN hot ToPiC. Lolz. ABERCROMBIE & FITCH RULES! LyKe oH eM GeeEeE. KtHnXbyE."
by Orka June 27, 2006
not necesarily a conformist. prep really has to do with where u go to school and how much money ur family has (i'd say that preps are typically upper middle class).

preps are generally sheltered, by parents, teachers, ect. that's why they don't have much life experience and a prep's life is not particularly interesting. hence the extra-curriculars- the idea is to fill up ur time, and then since u have something to do, u think ur not so boring after all.

unfortunatly tho, u are.

a prep isn't necesarily interested in school/ grades. in fact, a lot of preps are lazy. altho, that's often just what they say, because in the end, most of them care, even if it's just a little bit.

also, not all preps are posers. they're not genuine fakers- most of them realize they're losers.

basically, don't hate preps- we hate ourselves enough already.
it sucks ass to be a prep.
by superflychick May 30, 2006
ok well me && my friends are considered "preppy" at our school, and guess what?? yes most of us wear abercrombie // hollister, but we`re not RiCH .. we`re AVERAGE . most of us don`t even own too much of louis vuitton or coach . sure we LiKE to dress like that, but it`s just our own style.
like girls who are prep should not be judged. YOU SAY THAT WE JUDGE YOU GUYS ALL THE TiME ?! WHAT ABOUT YOU BITCHES ?!
by ash contino December 19, 2005
Girls and boys who think they have to be the best at everything. Usually the steriotype for a prep is some one who gets what they want when they want type of person. They only will listen to the "hot" music and follow in each other's footsteps. They dont know how to be themselves and they have to the expensive clothes.Preps think just because they have the coolest stuff and such they label themselves popular, and when popular means lots of friends...they really only have the few in their social group.
***Lyke omg, i didnt know thatz what you told mee! I lyke totally forgot!!!!!***
by fall2pieces-now July 12, 2005
ass holes who think everything revolves around them and that every thing they do should be worshiped (much like cathlics) they tend to where things like abercrombie aropostle, hollister, and american eagle, but are now pushing into skater shit (like those preppy bitch can even skate!!!) and they have been pushing into the punks/goths clothing and corrupting hot topic, they are like peices of tumble weed that move from one fad to the next, and are ass holes that should be avoided, or even better, killed on sight.
bitches that like to shreik at everything, and should die
by LoserBitch February 19, 2005

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