Preppy girls are snobby bitches that criticize people that arent rich and wear lables.They makes peoples lifes hell sometimes!They think some who is diffrent from them is a freak when they dont even know the freakin person.
They walk around like they are the shit and wear little ribbons in their hair with their louis vuitton handbag that cost way to much,and think they can do what ever the hell they want just because they are "popular".For the people who are preps you need to get a effing life! there is way more to life then being popular and expensive clothes,when anyone mentions the words thrift shop they automatically think you are poor and gross and tease you for it because you cant afford Gucci and the other shit they wear.
They care way to much about what people think of them,and spread crap that isnt even true,and the stuff that is true shouldnt be spread all over the school,all they do is gossip and hurt peoples feelings.
Prep:Look at my new only costs $123,000.00
Anti-prep or who ever:omfg thats so cool...not!that costs more then my freakin house you dumb bitch!!!!
(1) A real prep is a person, male or female who is normally a White, Anglo-Saxon Protestant, or WASP. Preps can be any religion, however. A prep is rich because of old money inherited and passed down to other generations. Preps live in Colonial style houses in New England. Preps shop at places like IZOD, Lacoste, Ralph Lauren, Orvis, Lily Pulitzer and other boutiques. Preppy people wear pastels, polo shirts, khakis, sweaters, sun dresses, birkenstocks, TEVAs, Docksiders, belts and ribbons. Materials of choice are wool, cotton, corduroy, silk and occasionally denim.Preps play tennis, golf, squash, raquet ball and field hockey. You will see a prep driving a stereotypical car like a BMW, a flashy Mercedes, a classy Jaguar, a boxy Volvo or any convertible (Volkswagen Beetle convertible) or SUV (Isuzu Trooper). A true prep is not spoiled and gets all good things in moderation. Preps belong to country clubs (inland) or yacht clubs for those lucky enough to live on the coast or near a large body of water. Preps go to Beer Blasts and can be stuffy. Contrary to popular beliefs, true preps do not make fun of punks, goths or any other group. Preps are not brought up mean, and do not have time to make fun of people.
(2)A person, male or female, who shops at AE, Aeropostale, A&F and other "preppy stores." Acts ditzy to get friends or seem easy. Plays soccer or lacrosse, normally. They have some money. These fake preppy bitches have no problem making fun of people/ making others feel bad and out of place This is not a true "prep" however.
(1) Bif: Well good afternoon, Martha, how are you?
Martha: I am well, thank you for asking, and you?
Bif: I picked my BMW up from the shop and went to the Yacht Club.
Martha: Oh, peachy!
Bif: Indeed.

(2) Kathy: Like oma-gah. I like broke an effin' nail. Son of a bee!
Don: Will you give me some behind the bleachers?
Kathy: Haha, duh!
Don: I'm cool because I pretend to be a prep but end up being a poseur instead.
Kathy: I am soooo dumb.. L O L!
by Dr. Doctor August 23, 2005
Preps can be found anywhere in the world, and are known as wealthy, upper middle-class people. Mostly noticed, in highschools, colleges, country clubs, and famous dinner parties.

Can be extremely shallow, and/or ignorant towards other people that are not within their socioeconomic status.

98% of all preps are caucasian.

Most of which do not earn their way to the top of the socio-economic ladder but end up there because of their parents therefore making their "significance" rather manufactured.

A group of people who may not show but can have an incredibly large amount of emotional problems... most of which are these: lack of self respect, low self-esteem (which is why they tend to disrespect and destroy the self-esteem of others who are not like them), insecurity,and alcoholism, narcotics/drugs (money = access)

Preps are also mostly perceived as narcissistic with a superiority complex; and quite possibly the fakest people you will ever meet in your entire life!

There can be however a SMALL percentage of the prep population who are NOT what was described above, but in fact the opposite.
Most preps in this world share one brain; a brain of shallowness,immense ignorance, and loss of true identity. Being a prep is like celebrating Halloween every day since they always like to be someone or something other than THEMSELVES every day of the year.

Two words to simply describe MOST preps in this world:

by Twentyfour December 29, 2005
ditz, bitch, slut, concieded, self-centerred, world revolves around them. generally posers go to lots of parties wear such expensive clothes as Hollister, American Eagle, Abercrombie and Fitch, Express, Armani Exchange, and shop at Victorias Secret for bras that they dont even need because they are fucking size 'A.' Also spend way too much on makeup like Bobbi Brown when they can look just as skanky with Mabelline
Blondie> OMG Lindsdey can you like believe Heidi slept with him he is so five minutes ago
Lindsey> oh I know and she totally wrinkeled her new AE pants
Blondie> ugh I know do i look fat in these?
by goth bitxh May 02, 2003
Preps are mainly a clique (group) of teenagers or young adults who wear Abercrombie, American Eagle, GAP, AERO, and Hollister, and will socialize with others who are just like them based on their clothing and personality.
by Anonymous September 12, 2003
Snobby, obnoxious teens whom think they own the world.
those preps are bad.
by Abraham Lincoln...sorta July 21, 2003
A group of ‘popular’ people that pollute the world with their expensive shitty perfume from Abercrombie and Fitch. You can spot out a prep by their shirt that displays a fake sports team from some random place.
Why pay so much money for a pair of jeans when you can get the same thing for so much less money somewhere else?
by mmmmmmm April 13, 2005
Derived from prepatory - a completely different meaning to the word prep meaning home work in countries such as the UK - A prep has now become an extremely infamous label, many "preps" seem to be oblivious to that fact, but the term is still used, usually in spite of other people in forms of jealousy or hatred. Supposedly the definition of a prep is being complete hoebag with no sense of individuality whatsoever who is "out to get everybody".

Is usually completely self centered and is extremely conceited. Creates problems for other "clicks" "types" "groups" etc... by being completely slutty bitchy up themselves etc... etc...
Can be recognized by stupidity, illiteration, use of crappy language, using words such as "like" and "oh my god" and "totally" 10-40 times in one sentence, obsession to apply lip gloss 456 times in the span of 5 minutes, amount of money held in ONE purse, expensive and "preppy" clothes such as Abercrombie & Fitch, American Eagle, Hollister, Armani Exchange etc... , their desperation to keep slim ( aka anorexia nervosa )

Other Comments: Is very intent on being up to date with the latest gossip and bitching around the whole school, is very popular, usually hangs out with a clique of friends and/or has a posse of which will include 2-4 other clones, has connections with absolutely anybody and everybody with a high popularity reputation, Loves "cute" things but are actually completely bitchy.
Is usually anticipated to have sex. Is very worried about looks and style and if one is wearing enough make up, Is usually constantly using peroxide and tweezers. Most of the time, the prep will be a platinum blonde. Usually dates jocks/football players etc...
hated by most other labels such as goths nerds punks loosers druggies etc...
Blonde: LyKe OHMYGOD! I lyke so totally lyke, broke an nail lyke totally.
Blonde 2: oh my god you are so totally kidding me?!

Blonde: OH MY GOD!!
Blonde 2: lyke what?
Blonde: oh my god I just so totally ate a lyke frikken chocolate bar. thats lyke omg a trillion calories.
Blonde 2: oh my god you are so totally kidding me!?

Blonde: OH MY GOD
Blonde 2: OH MY GOD lyke WHAT?
Blonde: oh my god did you know that Mike actually had sex with Megan? Oh my god she is so totally pregnant.
Blonde 2: OH MY GOD you are so totally kidding me!?
by lalalalalalalalala February 18, 2005

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