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n. pre'm/>i<nnissst

To experience the sensation of the past repeating itself.

HISTORY The Saxon origins of this word are only found in

Latin texts.
ADAM:"NO WAY! I knew you were going to say that, man!"

MAN: "Say What?"

ADAM: "That's it! Just like that! I just totally preminisced, guy."

MANGUY: "Easy with the exclamation marks man. I

preminisce, like, every day. And is Like allowed

between comma's all by itself?"

ADAM: " Probably. What's that French word for it...? ! Deja vu! That's the one! And theres like Meje vu which is experienciencing the sensation of feeling you've eaten muesli through a straw even though it would get clogged pretty soon if you weren't choking on oat fragments hitting the back of your throat.
by NeilZeBub March 05, 2013
To preminisce; 1: to remember something your going to do, and think upon it a while, wondering why you were going to do it in the first place. 2: Collecting your thoughts for your plans for the future and enjoying the thought of them.

Preminiscing; 1: Thinking about the things to come, the future etc and wondering, why? 2: Possibly gaining enjoyment from the ideas of certain things happening.
3: To have a flash forward to the future, knowing what will happen, much like the talent that phychic's posess.

(Original Definition by EC, aka Meimi132:
Premonscing; to premonisce:
to think about things to come, to predict things to come, not always correctly. To think about the future.)
Change - spelling.
Judy preminisced what she would do that day.
Micheal was preminicsing about his future.
Nick preminisced his death.
"Oh, excuse me, I was just preminiscing about something."
by Meimi132 March 27, 2008
to get sentimental and wistful about something that hasn't ended, or hasn't yet occurred
I don't graduate from high school for another three days, but I'm already starting to preminisce. I'm really gonna miss this place!
by caco44 May 26, 2010