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Premature Eclapulation (n.)- The process of clapping (whether it be during events such as plays, operas, and orchestral performances) when the climax of the moment (or the moment most appropriate for ovation) has not yet been reached, often followed by booing and disappointed looks.
premature ejaculation
"That idiot Jack, confusing the theatre's intermittance with the end of the play, drenched the entire audience with his premature eclapulation"
by Dmitry Khrabrov November 23, 2007
Verb or Noun; to clap to early; or a clap that comes too early in a musical or theatrical performance. Either an audience member is too eager to applaud the performer, (either to shoo him off stage or out of sheer adulation) OR the performance is long-winded, experimental, or filled with confusing codas that lead audience members to believe the piece is ending when in fact it has not.
After 4 minutes of silence during piece number 1 in the Tribute to John Cage performance, Kasia believed the composition to be over, causing her pre-mature eclapulation.
by Taber Wood September 16, 2009