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usually for two people who each just got out of a serious relationship with other people, but find themselves liking each other fairly intensely not soon after. this is, however, not a 'rebound relationship' and is recognized by both parties.

it is, most literally put, two people liking each other, going on dates and generally enjoying each other's company romantically before putting any sort of classic label on it.
ben and lorraine just broke up, and so did brian and judy. judy and ben run into each other and start really liking each other. neither of them are quite ready to just the usual hoops (updating facebook status', etc) but are both mutually 'involved' with each other, and share a lot of mutual respect. therefore, they are in a 'prelationship'.
by AdamJackson August 22, 2007
The stage between casual flirting and a full blow relationship. Both people are obviously interested in each other.
Yeah, I saw her again at the party last night. I think our prelationship is really flourishing.

Little did I know, she was already in a happy prelationship.
by Teem Schmikk March 20, 2011
This is one of many other words starting with re that can be changed to starting with pre in the event of this occuring before
Pre-lationship often precedes the actual relationship as an introductory phase.
by Hercolena Oliver May 02, 2010
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